ROYAL GRANDE XXL is the largest grill from the ROYAL series, charcoal grills for the most demanding users.

The highly stable construction made of precisely machined steel is provided with a durable, rough black color. The construction is complemented by 2 wheels facilitating the mobility of the grill. The frame in the lower part serves to further increase stability and also as a storage space. On the sides, there are folding shelves for storing various equipment for grilling, or storing the dishes themselves.

The metal controls and handles are large enough for a comfortable grip and easy to handle. Double-sided steel ventilation control fits perfectly with the structure. The hinged lid is complemented by a chimney in the upper part and is also equipped with a thermometer for constant control of the temperatures inside the grill. 

For the heat preparation of your delicacies, the grill is equipped with a robust, three-part, cast iron grate with a round center. Instead of removing the middle part, it is possible to place, for example, grill pans, pizza stone and the like (diameter 28-29 cm). Furthermore, the barbecue area is equipped with a storage rack to maintain the temperature of ready-made meals, or to preheat them.

Another advantage of the grill is the charcoal grill with adjustable height, so the grilling space can be regulated by a mechanism on the front, according to the requirements of the dishes. The door on the front of the grill significantly facilitates the refilling of coal. An ash drawer in the lowest part of the grill area is then provided for easier cleaning.

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Barbecue area

Grill Dimensions

Grill grate

Middle part of the grate

Built-in Thermometer

Side shelves

Coal Filling