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Elektroninis smiginio taikinys, 12 strėlyčių komplektas Worker WJ300 Darts


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Electronic dartboard WJ300 is a modern and technically sophisticated dartboard for 1-8 players, made of hardened plastic with increased resistance to damage. The advantage of the dartboard are protective closing doors for storage of the darts. Electronic dartboard WJ300 has two quality LED displays with simple control. During playing you can use 27 games with 216 game options. Sound signalling indicates turning on / off, game selection, number of players selection and a number thrown by a dart. Automatic shutdown function and a power adapter into the network are properties that rank the dartboard among the elite in its category. Electronic dartboard WJ300 can be placed in an apartment, garden or a place where there is no risk of contact with water.


Technical description:

  • 7 numeric LED displays
  • protective closing door
  • 27 game modes
  • 216 game options
  • sound signalling
  • automatic shutdown function
  • power adapter
  • number of players: 1-8 players
  • dartboard dimensions: 46.5 x 54.5 cm
  • dartboard diameter: 35 cm
  • power adapter: 9V / 350 to 500 mA
  • can be placed in an apartment or a garden


Package includes:

  • 12 darts
  • 12 spare plastic tips
  • adapter
  • user manual with instructions to games


Description of buttons:

  • game: game mode selection, stopping the game and return to main menu
  • option / score: game mode variant selection, during a game the button is used to display the current player score
  • player&cyber&team/eliminate: choosing a player or a team number, during a game this button is used to skip one throw, while playing against the computer you can use this button in the main menu to select a difficulty
  • power / sound: volume of sound signalling adjustment, by holding the button for 2 seconds you turn off the dartboard, a button to turn on the dartboard
  • handicap: player advantage (this feature is not available in all game modes)
  • double / miss: double function can be used only in a game mode “G02”, button to indicate throw off the dartboard
  • start / next: the button to start the game and to go to a next player



Svoris 2.300000 kg
Išmatavimai 56.000000 × 7.000000 cm

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Elektroninis smiginio taikinys, 12 strėlyčių komplektas Worker WJ300 Darts

Prieinamumas: Liko 20