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Pastatomas skersinis ir lygiagretės Marbo MH-D203 (iki 200kg)


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The MH-D203 stationary chin-up bar is a comfortable and safe device that will strengthen your back, chest, stomach and arms.

The frame of the device is made of a strong and massive 40×40 mm profile, which provides the entire structure with huge strength of up to 200 kg.

The MH-D203 rod has additional grips that will allow you to exercise on the handrail and perform deep pumps in support.

The MH-D203 rod has five height adjustment levels, from 190 to 246 cm, in 14 cm increments. You can easily adapt it to your height and preferences.

The Marbo Sport stationary pull-up bar will make your training a pure pleasure.

See what exercises you will do with the MH-D203

  • Pull-ups on a stick in a narrow handle
  • Pulling up on a rod in a wide handle
  • Pulling up on a rod in a wide handle
  • Swedish pumps
  • French pumps
  • Raising your legs hanging down
  • Pumps on handles


Applied solutions


Five levels of height adjustment

The design of the stationary rod allows you to adjust its position on five levels, in the range from 190 to 246 cm!

Adjustable in 14 cm increments will allow you to precisely adjust its height to your preferences.

Adjustable handles

The MH-D203 bar has been equipped with additional exercise grips.

You can mount them in two ways, as a handrail or as pump holders.

The handles have adjustable spacing, from 56 to 73 cm.


Stable base

You know perfectly well how important stability is when pulling up on a stick. Check for yourself how perfect training the MH-D203 bar base provides.

The stability of the bar is influenced by optimally selected dimensions of the base 121 x 102 cm. You can be sure that the stationary bar will stay in place during exercise.

No shifts or scratches on the floor, the plastic feet used not only care about the quality of the workout, but also about the condition of your floor – forget about scratches and damage.

In addition, the MH-D203 stationary rod has four mounting holes in its base. Thanks to them you get the opportunity to attach the rod to the floor and even greater stability!

Strength 200 kg

The MH-D203 stationary rod is a guarantee of excellent durability. You can carry out even the most intense training on it without hesitation.

A set of tools included

The device comes with a set of wrenches in sizes 13 and 17. The set includes tools necessary for self-assembly of our product.


Home line – equipment for home use

Marbo Home series products are designed for beginner bodybuilding enthusiasts, starting their adventure with the gym.

The equipment is thought out in such a way that it is as functional as possible and simple to assemble. The Home series equipment is made of a durable 40×40 mm profile, guaranteeing stability incomparable with Chinese benches from the corresponding price range. The aesthetics of workmanship is emphasized by elegant red and black upholstery on a thick three-centimeter sponge and powder coating.

To ensure the safety of your customers, our equipment has been checked for safety and compliance with applicable standards by the European Quality Center.

The result of these tests are the Security Certificate and Top Security Certificate, which we received for devices from the Home line.

Svoris 28.000000 kg
Išmatavimai 0.000000 × 0.000000 cm






Maximum load



Height of the handrail

Height of push-up handles

Grip diameter


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Pastatomas skersinis ir lygiagretės Marbo MH-D203 (iki 200kg)

Prieinamumas: Liko 20